What’s this all about?


It’s not an unknown fact that I come from a very boozy family. My whole family have always enjoyed drinking socially and it is a part of how we bond and celebrate together.
I feel gradually society is drawing to draw shame on young people who use alcohol as a way to celebrate.┬áLets just make this clear, I 100% know the effects of alcohol on the body – and this blog isn’t to glamourize and popularise alcohol to an audience.
I’m using this blog because I enjoy tasting wine, making cocktails and sharing and educating… and I feel if we look at alcohol from a different perspective we can chnage attitudes and we can cut down of alcohol abuse and misuse.
I want to make drinking alcohol about taste, experience and socialising – drinking to drink and not get DRUNK.

I’ve been working in the alcohol industry for …

I started my new job in November, since this time I’ve been loving learning and embracing the industry. I can’t wait to get more experience and learn more.


I’ll be a qualified wine and spirits ‘expert’ in…

In March I will (hopefully) gain a globally recognised qualification in wines and spirits. I’m so excited to start learning more and share it with you. I’ll post about anything I find interesting in my course – until then if I’m a little rusty with terminology – bare with me.


What would I like to achieve in…

In a year, I really want to have visited some vineyards around Europe, tasted spirits and sipped cocktails throughout the UK and educated about alcohol to change conceptions.